Portable Walk-In Tubs: The Ultimate Convenience

Woman's Feet Peeking in the Tub

If bathing is more of a chore and using the tub is difficult and dangerous, there is an alternative. For those with disabilities or those seniors who want some independence, a walk-in tub is the best choice.

Bathing should be enjoyable, but when there are fears of slipping or falling in the tub, it can be an activity that is unsafe. Heavenly Walk In Tubs explains that walk-in and portable tubs allow people with mobility issues to maintain their independence and privacy.

Walk-In tubs have many features, and some of them also provide their users with luxury.

Side Door Opening Access

Access into the tub is through a side door, so they don’t have to step over the side of the bathtub. Some models have a drop-down panel for complete access. This feature helps wheelchair users to transfer from their chair into the tub.

Grab Handles and Anti-Slip Coating

Grab handles are installed for extra security and support. Some bathtubs have an integral non-slip coating so it can reduce the risk of falling.

Temperature-Controlled Faucets

The water temperature can be controlled according to the user’s preference. This eliminates the risk of burn injuries. This function is useful for people with sensory impairment.

Space Saving, Portable Design

Some walk-in bathtubs are also portable and moveable. They are compact and can be moved around, so it’s easy when you’re remodeling your bathroom. A portable tub can be placed in any room with a water supply and drainage system.

Extra Special Features

Some bathtubs have a hydrotherapy option. The warm, bubbling water mode helps to relax muscles and soothe away aches and pains. It’s great for people with arthritis.

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Other luxury options include aromatherapy modes, color therapy modes for bathing,  subdued lighting and heated seats. With a walk-in tub, bathing can be fun again.