Pre-Packed Healthy Meals Could Be the Key to Losing Weight

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There’s a growing number of businesses that cater to dieters and calorie counters. These companies offer set meals from breakfast to dinner, which include snacks and beverages. The meals are pre-packed and ready for pick up or delivery to customers’ homes or offices.

This is a good alternative to fast food meals and is not as expensive as restaurant food. Most of the subscribers are women because they are more conscious of what they eat while at work. They know that they need to count calories or watch their portions to stay fit.

Customized Fitness Plans and Meals

fitness studio for women in Plymouth, MA is one of the places where members can have their workout routines and meal plans customized based on their needs and fitness goals. For example, people who need to be on a low-fat diet due to heart conditions can order meals with lean protein and very little fat included.

Others, such as those who are on a “Ketogenic” diet or “Paleo” diet, need a different set of meals. The keto diets, for example, are high in the good type of fat and don’t include starch and sugars. Carbohydrates are considered the culprit to weight gain, and those diets with less carbs have worked for many people.

What do Health Experts Say?

Woman runningMedical experts and nutritionists say that having a low-calorie diet is a good way to jumpstart a weight loss program. For example, if the woman was obese and needed to lose weight immediately for health reasons, a low-calorie meal plan may help her lose three to five pounds per week or 44 pounds in just 12 weeks.

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Losing that weight will alleviate some of the symptoms of weight-related medical conditions, but it would be difficult to sustain it for extended periods. Doctors suggest committing to lifestyle changes you can stick to and including physical activity in your daily routine.

Meal plans will still help since it can keep you from bingeing on fast food and junk foods whenever the mood strikes. Visiting a fitness studio every day is ideal to maintain a healthy body.