A Primer on Planting and Raising Healthy Palm Trees

Healthy Palm Trees in PerthOnce you have made sure your palm trees are planted correctly, you have to start planning for its care and maintenance. Palms are hardy plants, and they can survive various weather conditions. Nevertheless, you still have to care for them if you want the roots to thrive, and gather enough nutrition for the rest of the plant.

You have to pay attention to the smallest details if you want the tree to grow healthy and strong. If you do not have a clear idea how to go about it, then now is the time to learn.

Temperature and soil requirements

You have no control over the environmental temperature. What you can do is to consult a local horticulture authority to help you choose the right kind of palm species for the region where you live. While many species can tolerate a wide temperature range, other species have more specific temperature requirements.

The soil in your area is also an important consideration. You can alter the composition of the soil to fit the exact requirements of the tree species you plant to cultivate. This takes time, though. If you need to work on attaining a certain level of alkalinity or acidity, as well as improve the drainage of the soil, then make the preparations. You can only start planting when the soil is ready and in optimal condition.

Tree pruning

At some point, you will have to think about trimming and pruning. If you prune haphazardly, you might only cause irreversible damage to the tree. It is best to elicit the services of palm tree removal experts from Perth, so that pruning is performed correctly, and at the right season.

Lastly, you have to learn about the water habits of the palm species you have chosen. Typically, palm trees need watering three or four times a week. If the species of your choice have higher moisture requirements, you should secure a regular water source for them to ensure their survival.

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