Protect Your Home Before You Go on a Vacation

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When going on a vacation, people are so consumed with planning their itineraries and budget thoroughly that they forget to come up with a plan to secure their home while they are away. Don’t be one of those people.

Make a checklist so you can have peace of mind and worry less about what you’re leaving when you are on vacation.

Put security systems in place

Property theft is one of the major concerns of people when leaving their homes whether for short-term or longer travel. Before you go, set up security systems such as door and garage locks, alarms, and other safety features available in your home. Check out any hazards and eliminate them.

Have someone you trust check on your home

If you have a housekeeper or a house cleaner, make sure that you can trust him or her. Otherwise, let a close friend or relative know that you’re leaving and ask if he or she can check on your house every once in a while. Make sure that you only leave key duplicates with them.

Leave emergency contacts

Print out all emergency contacts and leave several copies by the phone and in other parts of your house such as the kitchen. Make sure to include hotlines of police, fire station, and hospitals.

Include local contacts of home repair services as well such as the number of a reliable plumber in Salt Lake City like Whipple Service Champions. Let your housekeeper, friend, or relative know where to find it in case of an emergency.

Don’t announce the details of your vacation online

Caroline Costello or Smarter Travel shares how necessary it is that you don’t let people know you will be out of your home for some time. You don’t know who would be lurking around your profiles especially if you don’t know all of the people in your contact list.

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Criminals are now using technology to identify victims, and you don’t want this to happen to you out of carelessness.

Going on a vacation helps you deal with stress and anxiety, but to be able to enjoy your vacation properly, make sure that you observe all the necessary precautions. This is necessary for you to be able to worry less and be in the present.