Public or Private Pools: Which is Better for Brisbane Residents?

Swimming Pool

Swimming PoolSummers in Brisbane are never easy. Many people turn to pools to feel cool, but the problem is not everyone has the man-made structure in their backyard. Those who don’t have a pool have two options: go to the best free swimming areas in Brisbane or start planning for their own.

Public Pools

It’s easy enough heading to the nearest community pool. Just take your towels and a change of clothes, along with your family and friends, for a fun day under the sun. Don’t forget your sunblock, unless you want to develop skin cancer from too much sun exposure.

Private Settings

As fun as it is to head to the free public pool, nothing is better than having your own ready for whenever you want to take a dip. This gives you a more private setting, although many homeowners agree the construction comes with big expenses.

There are also safety rules to comply with. You can’t just add a pool to your property without ensuring its safety. Plan for pool fencing, as well. You want the area to be safe for children, especially because kids love to play.

Public vs Private

At first glance, the choice seems easy enough. Owning a pool is the more convenient. However, homeowners should consider if they have the space for the structure. There’s some digging involved, unless you go for an above-ground pool. Pool builders from Brisbane Pools & Landscapes say there are customisable designs and the sizes can be adjusted, but what good is a pool no one can fit in?

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This summer, you have two choices. Beat the heat by taking a dip either in the community pool or in your own. Whatever option you choose, always be ready for the heat and possible accidents.