Questions to Answer: Find the Right Swimming Pool for Your Home

Swimming PoolEvery home deserves its own swimming pool. But you would have to decide the size, shape and kind of pool you want. Here are five basic questions you would need to answer to find your preferred in-ground pool.

Who Will Use It? – There wouldn’t be a problem with a small pool if you’re living solo. But if you have a family of five and all are eager to swim and play together, do consider a larger pool. You should also consider the temperaments, personalities and characteristics of those who will use it.

What Will it Be Used For? – Is it for your special child to play and exercise in? Is it built to raise the value of your home? Do you intend it for parties and meetings? Knowing what your pool will be primarily used for can greatly affect the size and design intended for it.

What’s Your Space Size/Shape? – As long as you have space, you can have a pool. If your Perth property’s yard is long and narrow, lap pools are great ways to maximise compact areas. If you have a large yard, consider the many fibreglass swimming pool sizes and shapes available and choose a colour and finish to suit your home.

What’s My Budget? – Face it, your pool’s size and shape will be affected by your finances. So to will the equipment you choose to install on it. Make a list of your requirements and then speak to a professional on what you can afford.

What’s My Timeframe? – As mentioned earlier, fibreglass pools can be installed in a matter of days as long as the pool has been fabricated. Concrete and vinyl pools can take weeks to months due to the longer labour and installation process.

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Once you’ve given your answers, contact a reputable pool builder to help you finalise your decision. After all, your pool will be a permanent fixture of your property. So choose well, and here’s to wonderful times in the water once your pool has been completed.