Rain or Shine: Keeping Your Restaurant Operational No Matter the Weather

Drops of rain on a window glass

You can’t be the first one to close up shop as soon as the sky turns gray. You’re not taking advantage of the business brought in by the weather change, which, on a slow day, means not breaking even on operation costs.

When your business is closed more frequently than it is open, people will assume it’s closed. That hurts business unnecessarily. What if you only had to make the following changes?

Use Sun Shades and Screens

It’s the middle of the day, and people are hungry; they wouldn’t want to be uncomfortable on top of that. Seeing your bare windows gives them the image of being sun-drenched, and the fact that they’re seated indoors won’t offer any consolation. A simple addition of patio sun screens will do wonders for business, notes lhpinc.com, as they offer protection from the elements and privacy from outside distractions.

Install Retractable Awnings

You offer al fresco dining, which you think comes with a disclaimer that clients should know they’ll be exposed to the sun. But that’s not the way to make outdoor arrangements unless you want your clients to get skin cancer by patronizing your business. And what about rainy days? Does that mean you can’t operate at all? Retractable awnings give customers the protection they need when they need it. Thanks to it being retractable, you don’t have to worry about it ruining the exterior design of your establishment.

Use Seasonal Ingredients

Now that you’ve changed the business to keep clients coming in, think about the accessibility of ingredients in difficult weather. Don’t resort to serving canned dishes unless you want Gordon Ramsay to tear you apart. A simple and sustainable solution is using seasonal ingredients. If markets offer certain vegetables cheaper because they are in season, go ahead and feature them in your menu. It’s counterproductive and expensive to ignore the ingredients that are readily available.

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You don’t want to close your business because of the slightest weather change. Small changes go a long way if you think of solutions proactively.