Real (Estate) Talk: Keeping Your Home’s Value or Even Raise It

Man and woman asking advice from their real estate agent

Your home can keep its value or earn even more over time, depending on the state of the market in your area and how much time and resources you devote to its upkeep.

Here are a few ideas on how to prevent your home from losing value as it gets older:

Ask an expert

Ask your Realtor or an interior designer to check your home. Ask advice on what can make it earn more valuable. Your Realtor, particularly if you know them well, may do this free of charge as a courtesy. A designer may charge a consultation fee. Ask for small improvement suggestions that don’t cost a lot.

Do an inspection

Even small damages have the potential to become bigger and more expensive over time. Do an inspection from the inside out. Leaks, moisture, cracks, fading, insects or rats, busted lights — every little problem is a cause to take action.

Go for curb appeal

Without even entering your home, anyone can tell if it’s losing value if the lawn or garden is a dry and weedy mess. Not only is it losing value, but it may also be dragging the rest of the neighborhood with it. Hire a lawn expert to transform your Salt Lake City lawn into a manicured haven popping with color and greenery.

Keep it clean

You can’t hide clutter, garbage, and other undesirables. They will always come back to haunt you. Remove unnecessary items and throw out or give away what you don’t need. All the surfaces that are supposed to shine, should.

Depersonalize if you’re selling

When the time comes to sell, make sure to depersonalize. You like your bedroom walls pink, but the next potential owner might be turned off by it. Repaint it a neutral color; white is always the safest. Remove the names of your kids on their bedroom doors and walls. Anything that suggests your ownership should be gone by the time the buyer arrives for a tour.

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Your home is perhaps the biggest investment you’ll ever make. It’s only proper that you get a fair offer from a buyer when you decide to move on. Keep or improve its value by following the ideas on this post.