Rekindling a New Flame: Choosing the Right Fireplace

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For centuries, the fireplace has been more than just a source of heat. Families and friends gather around the hearth, building lasting memories. Fireplaces don’t just warm the body, but the soul as well. This means your fireplace doesn’t just need to be warm on the body but on the eyes as well.

Comfort Solutions knows winters can be harsh, especially in Salt Lake City. New fireplaces can be just the perfect touch to welcome people for the holidays. With matching design with function, finding the perfect fireplace can be difficult, but with these few tips, you can ease the burden.

Fireplace Fundamentals

Not all fireplaces are made equal and finding the right fireplace means choosing the right type of fireplace. The first thing you need to do is determine your new fireplace’s purpose. Is it more a focal point, or do you plan on roasting marshmallows by the fire?

Efficiency, heating, design or a combination of these will help you in picking the type of fireplace perfect for you.

Wood fireplaces, while the traditional choice, are difficult and high-maintenance. It takes forever to start a fire from scratch. But after all that effort, nothing beats the look and feel of burning logs.

Gas fireplaces are the more conventional choice nowadays. They are fast starting and efficient and are perfect if you plan on using your fireplace for more than once a season.

Easy on the Eyes, Warm on the Body

The look of your fireplace is just as important as its function. Before going with the very first fireplace you see, try comparing different styles and trims. Pick designs you will like even when the fireplace is not in use. This way, you can pick a fireplace you will love all year round.

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Compare your choices with not only the feel of your home but also with your furniture as well. You want your new fireplace to be just as — or even more — inviting as your old one.

Choosing the right fireplace doesn’t have to be a barn burner. And once you’ve found a fireplace you love, you can turn on the heat and bring on the good times.