Senior Friendly Home: Implementing Changes in Your Home

BedroomSeveral things may change in your home once you start living with an elder member of the family. Old people tend to be more fragile or more vulnerable to accidents. Some of them might even be living with debilitating illnesses. It may take some adjusting if you want to bring back the comfort of your home. Part of the adjustment is changing your home into a more elderly friendly environment. Here are some things you might want to add.

Easy bathing

Bathing for older people may become such a chore for them. It can also be a source of danger as they may slip and fall while taking a shower. They may also find it difficult to bend or get into a tub without experiencing pain. What you can do is replace your existing equipment with a bathtub for elderly people. This is a walk-in type of tub where users can open a small door, enter and close it to fill with water. Getting a bath now becomes less of a hassle and pain so older people can do it on their own privacy.

Transforming rooms

Going up and down the stairs can spell trouble for the senior members of the family. Instead of installing expensive lifts so they can climb the stairs, you can simply change a room into their bedroom. If you do not have any spare rooms on the first floor, you can still create a makeshift room using dividers. Forcing them still to go up and down the stairs can expose them to more dangers. Create their own space on the first floor and move all their things into this new room.

Aging comes with not just physical changes, but some minor living adjustments. Make sure all the changes you will implement in your home are safe and will help ease their everyday lives.

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