Should You Replace Damaged Gutters?

Repairman fixing a rain gutter

While properly installed rain gutters can last for many years, this doesn’t mean that they’re indestructible. Like many other things, gutters may incur damage and other problems like sagging, blockage, or leaks. This only makes it important to regularly clean and maintain your gutters, not just to keep them in good shape, but also to extend their lifespan.

If your gutters, on the other hand, are already leaking or damaged, you will need to evaluate its overall condition to determine whether repair or replacement is necessary.

What is Needed?

With one or two minor damaged areas in your gutter systems, repairs are usually enough. If a large section is damaged, however, you can choose to repair them, depending on the extent or severity of the damage. Double T. Inc and other rain gutter repair experts in Utah note that if the gutters have been repaired for a number of times and the problem keeps coming back, replacement might be the better choice.

What Should You Do?

When evaluating the conditions of your gutters, it is best to call experts. If you believe that repair is enough, but one contractor suggests a replacement, you may want to talk to others and get multiple estimates. Don’t let others convince you to install a new one if the damage is minor. If the gutters, however, are obviously damaged, consider a replacement.

Should You Tackle the Job on Your Own?

You have heard or read about DIYers who have successfully installed or repaired gutters on their own. Before doing the same, keep in mind that a bad job can cause more problems in the future. Doing it on your own requires buying gutter sections from the hardware store and connecting them together. This means the visible seams and leaks are likely if you didn’t join the sections properly.

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Why Do You Need Pros?

When you hire repair and replacement experts, you can make sure that the new gutter systems fit properly. They can also manufacture or build gutter lengths on the spot to match the length of your roofline. This eliminates the need to connect or join seams together, with a much easier installation of the pitch. This can be an issue if you decide to go with the DIY route.

Don’t let your gutters work against your favor. If the systems are damaged and in need of repair or replacement, don’t hesitate to call the pros.