Signs of Water Damage Which Require Immediate Fixing

plumber fixing water damage under the sink

Water damage is a more common problem than people think. It usually happens after a storm, or from snow in the winter. It can also happen from pipe and sewage line leaks.

All Hours Plumbing recommends fixing residential water damage in Salt Lake City as soon as possible. This will help prevent further damage to the furniture, appliances, and the house itself.

Signs of Water Damage

There are several signs of water damage which should be immediately remedied. The most obvious sign is when there is standing water. This can be due to flooding from a leaking pipe, or from flood waters due to a storm. It can also be from a damaged roof.

Uncontrolled water pooling on the floor needs to be mopped up immediately. Stains along walls, ceilings, and floors are the result of water damage. These are the results of water accumulating or seeping through the material. These discolorations may range from yellow, brown or copper-colored stains.

Peeling, bubbling or cracking paint is another sign of water damage. It usually accompanies water stains. For wood and plaster, warping can also appear. When water seeps into the wood, it tends to warp, buckle, expand or to sag. Damaged wood is softer and flakes. This softens wood and can result in collapsed planks, boards, or supports.


Even if there are no outward signs of discoloration or warping, water damage can still lurk under the woodwork or inside the walls. In particular, mold and mildew can occur inside walls. These result in a distinctive smell which is like that of wet rotting wood. Mold can cause stuffy nose, eye irritation, and wheezing.

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Water damage can destroy property and cause molds. Cleaning up flooding inside the home is essential and should be done as soon be possible. After the home is dry, repairs can be instituted on the damaged parts of the house.