Signs You’re Suffering from Black Mold Poisoning

black mold buildup in a corner of a wall

While property damage is a common effect of mold growth, the more significant problems seem to be health-related symptoms in humans. Most of these signs are hard to interpret, as they’re similar to those of flu or cold. Therefore, gaining a deeper understanding of these symptoms will help you know when to call for mold removal experts in British Columbia.

Persistent Headaches

This is the first and most common sign of inhaling black mold spores. Headaches are often accompanied by sensitivity to light and persistent fatigue. When you sleep, sit, or work in a particular area for some time and begin to feel like your head is throbbing, then you might be suffering from black mold poisoning. It could also mean that the likely location of mold growth is the area in which you were positioned when the symptoms became severe.

Respiratory Issues

If you experience a lot of wheezing and shortness of breath, you should be wary of black mold growth in your home. Just like headaches, these symptoms might appear to become more severe when you’re in a particular part of the house. You might also experience persistent coughing especially if you happen to be exposed to mold growth for a prolonged period.

Skin Issues

Hives, skin tenderness, rash, and itching are common symptoms of prolonged exposure to black mold. Sometimes, these symptoms are accompanied by tingling and numbness of the skin. While there are skin ointments that you can use to ease these symptoms, they will probably return.

Other black mold poisoning health symptoms include itchy throat, watery eyes, weak immune system as well as nausea and vomiting. It’s advisable to call a professional mold growth mitigation company as soon as you begin to experience these symptoms as mold growth can become worse with time. Given that its spores are airborne, mold can spread quickly and affect other areas of your home, especially if not dealt with professionally.

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