Small Lots Mean Bigger: It’s All About Creativity

Interior Design

Interior DesignIt is not about the size of your lot; it is about the limits of your imagination. Creativity can take you to places you never thought you could do with what little resource you have. When it comes to building houses, a small lot area is never a problem. All you have to do is think of some ways you can maximise your space. The most important thing is to keep it a liveable space where your comfort is still a priority.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Grow vertical

When you have no space left to fill, take it upstairs. Depending on the laws of your local area, you can get a bigger house by increasing your floor space. To achieve this, you can get second floor and add an attic. Some communities may have a height requirement for houses, so work with the limit.

Go deep

If there are no prohibitions on basements, it is a great time to have one. Not only does this increase your floor space, it can also serve as your shelter during disasters. As builders of small lot house plans in Brisbane explain, tornado prone areas are not the only ones requiring this feature. You can have one too if you lack the lot space. Use it as a bedroom or storage to free up your space above.

Create illusions

You cannot magically increase your lot space. What you can do is trick people into thinking you have a bigger home. This is possible by adding large windows, so you can incorporate the outdoors with the design. Using large mirrors doubles the illusion of space, so it appears as if you have more room than initially thought.

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A small lot space should never be an issue in getting your dream home. Work with great builders to achieve the house you want with the limited space.