Smart Advice: It’s Time Property Owners Choose Eco-Friendly Building Materials

Eco-Friendly Homes in Perth

Eco-Friendly Homes in PerthPeople usually need to see the benefits of changing their habits first before making a change. Why don’t you try paying attention to ongoing campaigns for eco-friendly home design? You will definitely see the merits of adopting the attitude of making your property more sustainable. Today, many Australians are proactively finding ways to live more sustainably.

The impact of building material on long-term sustainability

The design stage of building a structure is very important. You sit down with architects and contractors to discuss which materials are best suited to the outcomes you have in mind. If you are planning a renovation or home extension project, Custom Green suggests that you think about eco-friendly building materials.

While considering sustainable design, Perth consultants can introduce you to ‘green’ materials such as wood from sustainably managed forests, mud brick, and straw bale. You may also use recycled materials. Take a closer look at some of these options.

1. Timber

Living trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Stored carbon dioxide remains within the wood when it is processed as materials for construction. However, you are not helping the environment at all when you patronize timber products from endangered tropical forests. If you will be using wood for framing, roofing of flooring, purchase only from a certified sustainable plantation. You also have the choice to utilise recycled or reclaimed wood.

2. Mud brick and straw bale

You should feel fortunate if you have a local supplier offering mudbricks. This eco-friendly building material contains a mixture of mud with high clay content, water, and straw or other reinforcing ingredient. It is 100 percent natural and non-toxic. Mud brick is durable when completely set and dried up. Straw bale is similar to mud brick in that it also made from all-natural components. When reinforced properly with wooden or metal pins, they can be used for walls and covered with render.

Consider using green building materials for your expansion or renovation project. These materials offer the same durability and reliability as traditional construction materials.

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