So You’re Extending Your Home? Here Are Three Things You Should Consider

Home Extension

Home Extension in PerthExtending your home is a great alternative to moving if you’re looking to have a bigger space. Not only will you save on moving costs, getting a home extension also saves the hassle of having to reacquaint yourself to a new town. Moreover, it can also add value to your property should you ultimately decide to relocate in the future.

Do your research

Before starting with your renovation, research first on what trends are particularly applicable in your area. Do consider the type of people that live in your area, too. For example, if families populate your neighbourhood, a family-friendly extension such as a second level bedroom might be your best bet. However, such type of extension might not be the way to go if young professionals populate your area. A rear extension, such as an entertainment area might be better for you.

Aside from these considerations, also research on the ceiling value in your area. You don’t want to go over it if you’re looking to have a good investment return in the future.

Should you hire an architect or renovation expert?

Yes, you’re not building a new home and hiring an architect or renovation expert might seem like an additional and unnecessary cost. However, if you do skip on getting one, you also skip the all-important design stage of your home extension project in Perth. A badly designed extension can actually lower the value of your home, so it is definitely crucial that you hire a good architect or renovation expert. Moreover, an architect or renovation expert can help you with the actual building process, including the necessary consents and certifications you might need as well as implementing standards and safety on the site.

Keep budget in mind

A common issue in building extensions is that there are miscommunications about the budget. You need to inform your architect and builder about the budget you plan to spend. It will help them come up with a suitable design that will perfectly work within the available budget you have on hand. Discuss it as a team so that each side will be able to voice their opinion on certain parts of the process.