Steady or Blinking: Choosing Your Christmas Lights

Christmas LightsChristmas is never complete without the glow of lights. Whether single- or multi-colored, lights make a home or an establishment more festive, giving it a true holiday feel. They make a great addition to Christmas trees and are ideal for decorating your yard and setting the stage for a cheerful atmosphere.

When buying a new holiday Christmas lighting, you may find yourself choosing between steady and blinking lights. Here’s a quick guide to help choose the right one.

Steady Lighting

These lights are static and remain steady. You simply have to plug them in the socket and there are no control fixtures. One common form of steady lights are those the releases a soft warm, glow and give the room a comforting ambiance. Many homeowners add them to their Christmas trees, as they don’t take the attention away from the tree. Steady lights beautify the ornament and add more glow and interest.

Blinking Lighting

As its name suggests, these lights twinkle or blink. They come with controllers, allowing you to regulate the movement and frequency of lighting. This type of blinking lights lets you choose from different functions to create the mood and ambiance you desire. You have the option to set it in a quick mood for a cheerful atmosphere or have it blink slowly for a cozy or intimate mood.

Combining Lights

The choice between these two lights will depend on your desired effect. You can experiment with different lighting designs or combine the two for a more customized feel. Whether you choose one type or mix both, you will surely give your home a lively Christmas feel and make it ready for the holidays.

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Apart from choosing between twinkling and steady lights, you may also want to consider the color. Clear lights are great for simple looks and work well with most decorations and colorful Christmas trees. Colorful or multi-colored lights, meanwhile, add a cheerful pop to humbly decorated or white trees.