Surviving Storms: Ways to Preserve Your Tree’s Condition


TreeIt can be a disaster if your trees incur damages because of a storm or strong winds. This means a waste of all those years waiting for the trees to develop into their majestic condition. Moreover, a damaged tree may pose a danger to people and properties.

You do not want these to happen to your trees. Protecting your trees from storm and other weather conditions will be worth all the effort. With the competent help of tree surgeons, you can take these preventive measures:

  • Observe Proper Care and Maintenance

As the professionals of Beaver Tree Services explain, giving your trees proper care and maintenance can help in making them sturdier. One way of doing this is by pruning your trees regularly. Extended branches can be under too much strain, which strong winds can easily damage. Regular pruning also boosts the health of your trees and make them strong enough to handle anything the weather may bring. In addition to pruning, providing adequate fertiliser and pest control will make them last longer.

  • Follow Correct Planting Procedures

The manner of planting your trees has an impact on how they will grow. Experts say that improper tree planting can cause trees to decline in health, which makes them not strong enough in handling storms and strong winds. You need to do everything properly – from the depth of the hole for the plant site, to the frequency of watering during the early stages.

  • Choose a Tree Appropriate for the Weather.

You already have an idea of the kind of weather you have, so it will help in choosing a tree that will be suitable for your location’s climate. There are trees that can handle strong weather, whilst some can easily topple over during storms. Even if a tree may be very appealing, it would not be advisable to choose one that cannot handle strong winds.

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By taking these steps, you can be confident that your trees will withstand anything a storm may bring. Nonetheless, you still need professional assistance to ensure these precautionary measures will be effective.