drain in the shower

Warning Signs Your Drains Require Cleaning

Bathrooms, kitchens, basements: almost all the places in your home have drains. However, most people don’t know when their pipes require cleaning. You don’t need to wait until your drains stop working before you call […]

Home Inspection
Inspired Living

Inspection Advice for a Longer-Lasting Home

The Australian weather subjects houses to the extremes. It can be so hot one moment, and freezing cold the next. Houses should be tough enough to last through all the changes from season to season, […]

Grout and Tile Cleaning
Modern World

A Pro’s Thoughts on Grout and Tile Cleaning

Despite your regular floor cleaning, stains tend to accumulate and become difficult to scrub. Tough stains need special tools and detergents to remove. Professional grout and tile cleaners offer excellent results with little effort and […]