The Appeal of Tiny House Living: Why More People are Choosing Small Houses

Tiny House in PerthTiny houses are booming in Australia and America. While large, sprawling designer estates are still the most desirable homes on the property market, small homes are carving out a niche for themselves.

Tiny homes are no longer equated with dingy, downtrodden cottages. Modern day granny flats and micro homes feature designer furnishings and al fresco spaces. They have all of the amenities of a modern home, but are compacted into a smaller space.

Tiny homes use less space and can be completed in a matter of weeks.

Why are People drawn to Tiny Houses?

People are drawn to tiny houses for a variety of reasons:

  • Difficulty of securing a home – Some people choose tiny homes because it is difficult to secure property.
  • Affordability – Tiny homes cost less than larger homes.
  • Low-commitment – Tiny homes have less floor space and require less cleaning and maintenance.
  • Lower impact on the environment – Tiny homes use less materials and use up less water and electricity.
  • Close to loved ones – Granny flats provide additional living space that is close to relatives.
  • Assisted autonomy – Grandparents living in granny flats enjoy a certain level of autonomy, while still receiving assistance from their family next door.

Is a Tiny House a Realistic Choice?

Some economists argue that a tiny house is not a realistic option. They argue that tiny homes are not sustainable, as they are meant for singles living alone. Tiny homes provide little in terms of privacy, as many properties have less land attached to them.

It also does not take into account a growing family – a new baby or a pet will require more space than a micro home can provide. Due to the customised nature of these houses, some owners may spend more per square foot than what they would spend on an existing, standard sized property.

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Nevertheless, tiny homes are not likely to go away soon. Living in a tiny home has many benefits if you have no plans of expanding.