The Basics of Unclogging Blocked Drains on Your Own

Clogged Drains

Clogged DrainsClogging is normal for any old drainage system. It is a sign that there is something blocking what used to be a free passageway. Much like getting colds, you need to remove those things blocking the way to turn everything back to normal. Since clogged drains are a basic problem, you do not have to call for help right away. There are ways to clean drains without needing the help of anyone else but yourself. Here are some of them.

The Basic Plunger

The plunger is your best friend when it comes to clogging. It’s a tool that can suck out anything that is disrupting the flow so liquid can easily pass through. Using a suction cup, the plunger can forcibly take out the solid particles blocking the way. You can simply sweep the blockers away such as coiled hair or moulds. Use the plunger as your first line of offence when it comes to clogging.

The Hot Water Treatment

Sometimes, it is not a solid item blocking the way like metal. Most commonly, the causes of clogging are food particles trapped together and forming a thick mass. This gooey mass prevents water from passing through the pipes so they collect and fill up the surface. These food particles can easily dissolve in hot water, giving the pipes an opening. This, however, does not give a permanent solution. As long as food or soap goes down the drain, it will form a blocking mass.

According to, Gold Coast experts handle blocked drains efficiently, so get one. Blocked drains will not fix themselves so you need to take quick action before the problem worsens. At the first sign of blockage, make sure to assess the situation first. The plumbers will do the rest when you cannot find a quick solution yourself.