The Business of Staircases: Connecting Two Stories in Your Home


HomeStaircases do more than just connect two floors in your home. It allows access to more living space while giving you an opportunity to exercise your legs every day. Stairs occupy a huge corner of the wall, depending on the style. It’s also one of the areas in your house that will be most walked on. This means you have to make sure the quality of your stairs is worth your money. Here are some things to look into when having your staircase built by expert staircase builders.


Each step of the staircase has to come in equal height and width. A sudden change in the height of one step may cause people to slip and fall. The spaces between each step should also be enough for the size of the average foot. Too little space makes it difficult to step on while larger spaces cause you to stretch further. Steep footing may also cause trouble as it takes more effort to climb up or down.


Staircases can be dangerous when safety rules are not applied in its construction. Always remember that it has to have the right measurements or it can cause accidents. While steps with wooden finish look great, you need to make sure they do not become too slippery to walk on. You can utilise carpets for your stairs. The railings should also be of proper height to provide support in case of slips.


Since the stairs take a huge chunk of space in your home, make it an elegant piece to add beauty into your interior. Stick with the overall design of your home and decide whether you would go for wood, steel or tiles. You may even choose to use the space underneath the stairs for storage.

Work with professional staircase builders to get quality material for your home. Prioritize your family’s safety first when choosing builders for your stairs. You do not want to get into any accident in the future.