The Many Benefits of Bamboo As a Bedding Product

Bamboo stems

Bamboo is such a versatile plant. Other than being the favorite food of pandas, it is a raw material for flooring and making furniture. But did you know that it can also be turned into bedding fabric? It’s true and it’s just as soft as Egyptian cotton or silk, but way more affordable.

Here are some important reasons you should buy bamboo sheets:

Naturally Antibacterial and Hypoallergenic

Bamboo has fibers that are naturally resistant to bacteria, mold, and mildew. This is why it’s ideal for people with sensitive skin or those suffering from skin allergies.

Does Not Require a Lot of Care

Bamboo sheets are not as high maintenance as some other bedding materials. They are machine washable as long as you use mild soap and gentle cycle. The best part is, its fibers have a natural resistance to odor, so the sheets don’t require a lot of washing.

Durable and Soft

Bamboo sheets can withstand years of washing without much wear because of the strong fibers. While they are extremely durable, they are still unbelievably soft. They are even being compared to silk.

Environmentally Friendly

Bamboo plants don’t need chemicals, pesticides, or any artificial fertilizer to grow. On top of that, they grow fast and are renewable without the need for replanting, which gives manufacturers highly sustainable resources. Only the top part of the stalks are harvested, leaving the roots untouched so they can still grow and be harvested in just three years. Bamboo sheets are also biodegradable.

Thermo-Regulating in Nature

Bamboo sheets have great ventilation and wicking properties because the inner fibers are naturally non-porous, making them extra absorbent and breathable. These sheets also have great thermo-regulating properties, which can keep you warm during the cold season and cool when the weather is hot.

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Bamboo sheets are affordable, as they can be produced in large quantities and in just a short period. This is because bamboo plants grow fast.

When you buy bamboo sheets, you need to check the label carefully. Tencel bamboo is the most environmentally friendly type. On the other hand, bamboo rayon sheets are very soft, but the manufacturing process involves the use of toxic chemicals. Bamboo linen is another great option, but it requires more maintenance.