The Most Common Plumbing Repairs Homeowners Face


PlumbingOwning a home is great source of joy but it can also bring along a lot of issues. Each home can have problems with electricity, plumbing, roofing and much more. Inaccessible plumbing problems can become very difficult to diagnose and fix on your own.

At such times you need to take recourse to plumbing repair in Salt Lake City. Beehive Plumbing discusses some of the common plumbing problems faced by homeowners here.

Clogged Drains

A clogged drain can upset a whole household. There a number of products that can be used to unclog a drain but not all can be suitable for every kind of plumbing system. In non-standard homes such as trailers it can become even more difficult to unclog drains. The chemicals will not work if the clog is too thick, so you have to call the plumber to remove the clog.

If your tub or sink is backing up due to a clog, it might mean more repairs than you might think. Clogging can be avoided if you pay attention to what goes down the drain.


Some leaks are visible while some of them might not be visible to the naked eye. Prominent leaks are when water collects under a pipe line or sink. The immediate floor area might show signs of leaks or the ceiling tile might look stained. Invisible signs include an unidentified leaky pipe which eventually leads to low pressure of water elsewhere. Some bathroom fixtures might stop functioning as there is not enough water being fed to the appliance. You have to then call the plumber to identify and rectify the issue.

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Other Repairs

A faucet, a toilet or a showerhead might need repair or replacement. This can be complicated if your fixtures are complex and sophisticated. It is best to call the plumber to fix this issue as they can get the genuine parts and also bring the essential tools to carry out the repairs.

Further these professionals will know the layout of your plumbing system and can therefore identify and rectify the issue quickly.