The Power of Praise: Why Companies Endorse Each Other


companiesThe marketing world has been able to dilute the meaning of some of the most cherished adjectives in the English language with their constant claims of quality. Phrases like ‘best’ or ‘top of the line’ don’t do much to garner much attention in the market, because customers have heard them repeatedly over the years. But, what if the endorsement came from another company in the same industry instead?

When Other Companies Praise You

Customers take everything they hear from advertisements with a grain of salt, but when the same thing comes from someone else, the audience suddenly takes notice. Companies outside the advertising industry don’t get paid to say anything good about anyone else, so they must have a good reason whenever they do.

One of the best examples of such a situation is when Robbins Roofing, a family-owned company of roofing contractors in Oklahoma, gave their ringing endorsement to Duro-Last. The slogan of the Michigan based roofer is “The World’s Best Roof”; a bold claim that, according to their website, Robbins believes wholeheartedly.

Supporting a Claim

company endorsementWhen it comes to praise, it’s hard to top what Robbins gave Duro-Last and customers are taking notice. But, regardless of the source, praise needs to have some foundation; otherwise it’s just fluff that’s even worse than what advertising agencies come up with. The great thing about co-industry praise is that the ones saying the good things know what they’re talking about, and can defend their statements.

Going back to the Robbins Duro-Last example, they have an entire page explaining why they think Duro-Last lives up to their slogan. They provide comparisons between DL and TPO, a high quality roofing material that Robbins also offers. These appraisals include everything from strength, resistance, and warranty; there’s even a table that comprehensively lists the advantages of Duro-Last over other roof manufacturers.

The Advantage of Providing Support

This seems like a lot of work to go through just for another company, but it’s a necessary part of the endorsement. When people look for advice or the services of a metal roofing company, they expect to deal with technical professionals who know their trade from the inside-out. This level of research for an endorsement is necessary to justify a company’s support of the product or service.

In addition, this also shows potential customers the level of expertise such a company possesses just to come up with the figures that they have. Looking at it that way, Robbins is actually killing two birds with one stone – three if you count that they look like decent people by giving Duro-Last their due.

The notion of endorsing another company is an uncommon one in any industry, which can be expected, especially with all the focus on competition in business as a whole. But, sometimes giving someone a thumbs up is the right thing to do, particularly when they’re doing a good job.

The next time a roofer or any other service provider pulls all the stops to give you top quality service, put in a good word for them with your friends. It’s a small gesture that won’t cost you anything, but will mean the world to these businesses.