The Problems Caused by Water Damage

Water damage on the ceiling

Water damage is not one of those problems you just wait out and expect to go away. Water damage worsens over time, and you are endangering the house structure and your family’s health if you don’t act fast. At the first sign of water damage, you should be doing something.

Causing Household Problems

It could have been caused by a hurricane, or a pipe may have burst. Whatever the reason for the water damage is, noted that you need a contractor to check the extent of the damage and come up with a solution. They can also do water damage restoration to make sure your house is safe enough for the family to keep residing in it. Have the foundations assessed as well, as water — when left to sit long enough — may cause unseen problems that compromise the structure.

Stopping Business Operations

In Utah, a building will need to be closed for 30 to 60 days after a fire sprinkler broke and caused flooding. This affects all businesses in the area, and two months of not being operational may take a toll on a company’s finances.

Sadly, there’s nothing you can do but wait because repairs have to be carried out to ensure that the problem does not repeat itself in the near future. For this, the building inspectors will need to look into the age of the sprinkler system and assess whether replacement of the whole system is necessary.

Contaminating Food

A grocery store in Salt Lake City, for instance, is dealing with more than clogged drains. The problem had already worsened enough to cause flooding, with the water reaching the food preparation area. They also said to have stored food on the floor of the walk-in freezer. If you’re facing all these problems, it’s time to close down temporarily and address everything. Come back with a clean slate and adhere to the safety laws from then on.

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Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, water damage is something you need to deal with quickly. Otherwise, you’ll deal with the consequences.