Thermal Insulation Options for Flat Roofs

Fibreglass Insulation

The need for extra space beyond a home’s four walls is on a steady increase. To this end, more and more homeowners are opting for construction of outdoor living spaces. The leading covering option for these spaces is a flat roof. This might be because the installation of a flat roof is inexpensive and flat roof one of the most beautiful roofing systems on the market.

Thermal insulation of your flat roof is vital since water and snow typically stay on it for a longer period compared to other roofs. There are different options for flat insulated roofing for Brisbane homes. For patio roofing, in particular, Just Patios recommends the toughest material available to keep the area protected against the elements.

Here are the common ones:

Wood Fibre

This is the perfect option for homeowners looking for an inexpensive and organic insulation alternative. The insulation consists of wood boards created by blending different binding materials and fillers. Some manufacturers enhance the water-resistance of wood fibre by adding an asphalt layer. The R-value of this material is approximately 2.78/inch.


This insulation option comes in extruded and expanded types. Extruded polystyrene insulation consists of polystyrene that has been heated then expanded. Its R-value is 5.0. Expanded polystyrene insulation comprises polystyrene mixed with a foaming agent. It expands when exposed to heat to reach a 3.8 R-value.


With its R-value at 6.0, this is among the best flat roof insulation material available today. Polyisocyanurate is installed between your roof’s organic and non-organic felt. After installation, the material is expanded using pentane. This expansion is the primary element which contributes to its high R-value.

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There is a broad range of options available for flat roof insulation, and it is easy to get overwhelmed. Expertise and professional advice are needed in order to install the insulation properly and protect your flat roof from damage. When you’re ready to get the project underway, make sure you have all the necessary resources and manpower.