Three Plumbing Tasks to Do During Summer

Plumber Fixing Water Tap

Summertime and long vacation periods are almost here. As much as you and your family want to relax, have fun, and take it easy during this season, you might find chores piling up — and this includes your plumbing.

More Water Needs

Water needs rise during the summer season, and this puts pressure on your plumbing. You water your lawn or garden, you fill up your swimming pool (if you have one), and your family take longer showers. Even if you go on a vacation, leaving your plumbing unused for a long period of time can also damage your plumbing.

1. Check for Leaks

Now, you may likely associate leaks, burst pipes, and flooding with the winter season. With such a notion, you become careless with water connections and hoses in your home during summer. Washing machine hoses can particularly be easy to neglect. To protect your home from summer flooding and leaks, you can inspect water hoses at home and ensure that the valves work properly.

2. Inspect the Water Heater

In summer, since you barely use the water heater, you can have it drained and inspected. Doing this can be less of a pain than if you do it during the winter season, a time when you use the water heater more often. All Hours Plumbing and HVAC noted that plumbers could take apart your heater easily, ensure that it remains in good working order, and perform repairs or replacements if necessary.

3. Shut Off Water Supply

When you are about to leave on vacation, you can prevent pipes from bursting by shutting off the main water supply. Of course, you can do this right before you leave home, but you also have to remind yourself to do so. This task can be easy to forget, but do whatever you can to remember. Without water freely running through your pipes, you can enjoy your vacation without emergency plumbing.

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With the tasks above, you can keep your plumbing from failing during the summer season.