Throw Traditional Designs Out the Window

WindowsAre you thinking of having a window makeover at home? Then, you might want to try something innovative in style. Modern design is now an integral part of contemporary architecture, classified as clean-lined design.

Breaking Traditional Style

Modern style of architecture continues to break traditional home aesthetics. This style incorporates minimalist interiors which are fresh and neat, playing with just two to three colour combinations. Glass windows, for example, are usually in whitewash and intentional asymmetry.

There are different designs of windows which complement both the interior and exterior parts of your home. Some modern houses use window glass with aluminium framings such as those from Monaro Windows, while others creatively use wood materials for a light, environmental aesthetic.

Horizontal sliding windows has been always a great choice for contemporary homes. Homeowners prefer this type because it is easier to open compared to crank-style windows. Minimal ornamentation of this kind of window can always work with a modern design.

Window Makeover

Apart from allowing natural light to brighten up your rooms, your windows also help define the overall style of your home. Today, there are different styles of windows to choose from. Some of these are bi-fold, double hung and awning windows, manufactured with high quality material frames such as vinyl, aluminium and timber wood.

Bi-fold windows are used in most modern homes today. They provide unobstructed panoramic views in your home, whether it is to increase ventilation or provide access between rooms and patios. These kinds of windows are usually made of aluminium and timbre materials.

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If you want better ventilation without letting in the rain or falling leaves, awning windows are what you need. These are commonly used for basements and can be placed high on the wall.

In designing your windows, remember how they function and appeal to your interiors. Consider using the colour palette you see inside your home and let it blend with your windows.