Timber Species to Consider for Your Hardwood Conservatory


HardwoodNatural wood is beautiful and enduring. Hundreds of hardwood species used in building projects in the UK proved their durability for centuries. Until now, the British still cannot get over their love for hand crafted timber conservatories.

Modern building methods make it possible for people to enjoy their hardwood conservatory no matter what the weather is outside. When you are planning to build one on the grounds of your property, choose from these timber species.

European Oak

European Oak is one of the most popular timber species. Many consider European oak as the best of its kind. The uniformity and tightness of the grain make this slow growing tree an ideal candidate. Oak is so durable that old churches and barns use it as internal beams.

Medieval structures made from oak stand to this day. This is common in many European countries, including the United Kingdom. This timber can be used both for framing and for internal use. For a conservatory that lasts and looks good, Joinery For All Seasons suggests doors and windows made using a combination of tradition and technology.


Meranti is a type of hardwood native to Asian countries. Manufacturers widely use it for making doors, flooring planks and furniture. Many conservatories use it because it is easy to source and is quite affordable. Like oak, the wood can be stained and varnished.

It is also durable enough for use both internally and externally. Meranti can be an alternative to mahogany, another timber species that grows in many places in Asia.


Sapele is a reddish brown hardwood species native to Central and Western Arica. To enhance its natural beauty, oil, wax, stain or varnish it. Even on a tight budget, this timber will make a good conservatory you’d be proud to show off.

Do you think any kind of wood will do for a hardwood conservatory? Think again. The main requirement is durability, which rules out certain species such as beech. Choose the timber species that will last while still fitting your budget.