Tips for Lowering Your Heating Bills

Cleaning the ventilator fan

During winter, everybody in Lehi seeks shelter in the comfort of their home. However, the warmth comes at a high cost. The winter heating bills can cause chaos on the overall budget of American households. Heating bills take up a massive percentage of the total utility expenditure. The good news is that there are surefire tricks to lower your heating costs significantly.

Invest in a Modern Thermostat

Installing a modern thermostat in your furnace will not only reduce your energy bills but also render your heating more efficient. There are two types of modern thermostats: smart and programmable. With the former, you can lower the heat or turn off your system by using a smartphone. The latter model allows you to set programs according to your daily schedule. For instance, most homes are empty during weekdays. Thus, you can program your furnace on energy-saving mode for most of the day.

Reduce the Use of Ventilator Fans

Built-in fans in modern kitchens and bathrooms facilitate the efficient circulation of air. This assists in removing the fumes produced when cooking and the humidity formed during showers. However, during the winter, these fans operate like heat thieves. It would help a great deal if you turned them off when the shower or kitchen is not in use. If turning them on and off appears like a daunting task, you can install automatic timers. You will be surprised by the amount of heat ultimately preserved inside your house by merely reducing the use of these fans.

Ensure Proper Furnace Maintenance

You need to have a regular furnace maintenance routine. Such a schedule helps in keeping vital components like filters in check. Also, a technician who can do a furnace tune-up in Lehi will assist in maintaining the efficiency of your unit. Ideally, the tune-up should be done close to the beginning of the cold season. This tune-up also helps remove blockages that might make the furnace work twice as hard when warming your house.

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Heating takes up a significant percentage of your energy bills, which makes it prudent to find ways to mitigate the cost. Installing modern thermostats and preventing heat loss are some of the methods you can employ to lower your energy bills. Another useful technique of reducing power consumption involves scheduling a tune-up to prevent your furnace from overworking.