Tips for Picking Landscaping Plants for Different Seasons

Shed with plants around

Seasonal plants with interesting textures and colorful blooms are the ideal choice for creating a picturesque landscape. For plants to thrive, they should have the right climate. You, however, have no control over the changing seasons, and year-round plants might not be an option for you.

To ensure you have a constant burst of color on your grounds, you can match your plants to the seasons. Work with experts offering lawn and landscaping services to ensure you have the ideal plants for your soil type, lighting, and zoning requirement and that they are well-maintained. Here are the common plant options for different seasons in most areas.


When winter ends, you want to add color to your landscape fast. Forsythia is the best option for a quick burst of color since it blooms in early spring. African marigold, begonia, pansy, bush morning glory, hellebore, and peony are some of the best options to add vibrant color to your property. The ideal spring flowers, particularly for low-light regions, include foamflower, bleeding heart, Solomon’s seal and columbine.


Getting rich green foliage is not very easy with the scorching summer heat. With the right choice of plants, however, this will not be a challenge. Astilbe, coral bells, delphiniums, daylilies, coneflowers, and lithodora are ideal options to get a burst of color in your landscape and attract birds.


In this season, it is quite challenging to maintain a colorful landscape. The ideal plants for fall are black-eyed Susan, asters, lavenders, ice plants and blanket flowers. Maples are must-have fall foliage plants though they are short-lived. You can opt for sumac shrub to maintain color on your landscape before winter sets in.

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Winter comes with a lush white color for your landscape. Some landscaping companies have snow and ice management services to maintain your lawn during winter. With the right company, therefore, you are guaranteed the best outdoor look for your property regardless of the season.