Tips When Choosing a Water Softener

plumber fixing water softener

Water treated with a softener has various benefits compared to untreated hard water. Soft water keeps your household’s tiles and pipes cleaner, for instance. To maximize the benefits you get from using a softener, here are a few things to consider when buying one:

The size and capacity of the device

How many people make up the household? How often do you take a shower or do laundry? The number of household members and their daily activities tells you how much water you consume. With it, you can determine the size and capacity of the water softener you need. Select the one that is big enough to provide for your family’s needs.

Regenerating system

A water softener has to be recharged to remove the minerals it has collected. Typically, the regeneration process has to be done every three to seven days depending on the number of household members and the amount of water used. The process takes two hours during which the water softener system won’t be working.

If you don’t want any interruption, choose a water softener with a dual tank system. The first tank is where the softening process takes place while the second one has the salt water used during the regenerating process.

Salt indicator and filtration system

If you’re tracking your salt intake, choose a water softener that uses a potassium chloride ion exchange. Better still, you may use filters to eliminate salt from the water. Installing a water filtration system will not only remove contaminants, harsh chemicals, and viruses, but it will also prolong the lifespan of your water softener.

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Warranty and installation

Check the details of the warranty coverage. Take note of the parts of the system, particularly the tanks and electronics. Additionally, familiarize yourself with the instructions on how to install the system. It will help you decide if you can do it on your own or better hire a professional to do the job.

The presence of ions in hard water can harm your skin, hair, and the inner working of your house. To remove these ions, it is best to use a water softener. You’ll have a sure supply of soft water which is good for your health.