To DIY or Hire a Professional Painter? Giving Your Home a Paint Makeover

Paint Makeover in Perth

Paint Makeover in PerthGiving your house a fresh coat of paint can do wonders. With paint, you can completely transform the look of your home for a lot less than going for a complete makeover. Aside from aesthetic purposes, paint helps protect your home from the elements. Years of rain, snow and sun can damage your home, so it’s necessary to change your paint to continue protecting your living space. You can either do it yourself or hire someone to do the painting for you.

What to consider?

Wall condition. Most drywall is not perfect, and painting on an uneven surface might end up in a disaster. As such, check your wall first to see if you need to repair any holes, cracks or water damages. If there are too many repairs needed, hiring a professional might be the best.

Previous finish. Check the previous finish on your wall, as it will affect how you will repaint it. If left unchecked, your new coat might not properly adhere onto your wall.

Should you DIY?

Of course, doing it DIY will be more inexpensive. Also, it can be a fun activity to involve your entire family with—from choosing the colour to prepping to the actual painting Perth homes usually have. But, if you’d never done this before, it can be quite overwhelming and might take a lot more time than you’d originally thought.

Hire a professional?

With a professional, the most you’ll probably worry about is the colour of your paint. You can literally sit back, relax and just let them do the work. If you have a very specific schedule to follow, a professional will help you get the job done in time. But, a professional paint job can be quite expensive depending on factors like how large the area that will be painted is, the details and so on. Keep in mind, however, that leaving the task to the pros can ensure better results.