Top 3 Simple Electrical Repairs You Can Do

Electrician working

Unless you’ve been living in a desert cave outside Salt Lake City for the past century, the chances are that you and your home use electricity. Most of our appliances run on electrical power; from our computers to refrigerators. Even some of our creature comforts need it too, like central air conditioning and heating. Because of its common use, it can’t be helped that sometimes your home will need some electrical repair. For any major issues and problems, it’s always best to call on a professional for help.

Dealing with electricity is very dangerous and should not be attempted by just anybody. However, for the most simple repairs, here are a few tips that you could do on your own.

Electric Stoves

Replacing a faulty burner or burner socket is one of the easier tasks you could do yourself. All you’ll need is a tester and a replacement burner. Remember to unplug the stove before starting any work. You’ll use the tester to find which burner socket needs replacement and if you have found the one, replacing it is as easy as screwing in a light bulb.

Small Electronics

Possibly one of the simplest repairs that you can do is fixing earphones. Fixing it up will require some soldering equipment like a soldering iron and some soldering wire. Simply pop open the faulty earphone and then solder together the connecting wires that have been severed by wear and tear. Use caution when using the soldering iron as it can get extremely hot.

Light Bulbs

How many electricians does it take to screw in a light bulb? The correct answer, of course, should be zero as this task is easy enough for you to do. What about flickering lights? Well, to fix that you will need a ladder if your light is on the ceiling. Unscrew the bulb, locate the small metallic tab inside the socket that touches the end of the bulb when it’s screwed in, and bend it up a little bit. This will give your bulb a better connection and fix any flickering issues it might have.

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Some electrical repairs are easy and, with a little preparation and some safety precautions in mind, you should have no problems working on them on your own. For anything more serious, however, don’t forget to call your electrician!