Top Tips for Choosing a Backsplash for Your Kitchen

someone cooking in the kitchen

Kitchen remodeling is never complete without the installation of a refined backsplash. Whether traditional or contemporary, the backsplash you choose should reflect your home’s overall decor and style. Kitchen remodeling specialists in Fort Myers share some tips for choosing the best backsplash for your cooking space.

Decide on the material.​

Most homeowners choose tiles as the material for their backsplash, and for good reasons. Tiles are elegant, durable, and easy to use. Plus, they come in a wide variety of designs and colors. To enhance the visual appeal of your backsplash, pick one main color and several accent colors.

Consider wear and tear.​

As you decide on what tile to install, ask yourself how easy it is to clean it and how best you can seal it. That’s especially crucial for natural tile. If you’re using ceramic tile, you don’t need to worry about this. Meanwhile, if you’re installing stainless steel tiles, take the time to find out whether they will scratch when you use abrasives.

Think about your budget.​

A kitchen remodeling project doesn’t come cheap, but that doesn’t mean that there are no ways you can save money on it. For instance, you can avoid using trendy, high-end tiles and instead, opt for the classic white ceramic that costs far less per square foot.

Opt for eco-friendly tiles.​

At a time when the world is fast migrating to eco-friendly practices, choosing green options when it comes to the tiles for your backsplash is a great idea. You could choose cork mosaic tiles or recycled glass tiles.

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Your backsplash has a huge impact on the aesthetics of your kitchen space. By making smart decisions, you can be sure to make your kitchen backsplash a focal point in your home.