Touched for the First Time: Know Your Material Handling Equipment

Material Handling TipsThe danger of loading stone furnishings onto your vehicle and lugging them around will always be there. Not only does this warrant possible injury, but the risk of breaking a marble countertop, for example, increases — especially when you fail to equip yourself with the proper tools.

Familiarisation with Material Handling Equipment

STONEGATE, UK’s leading supplier of stone industry tooling and consumables, talks about material handling equipment. The company emphasises that any movement without the appropriate material handling equipment poses a risk to you or your team and presents potential damage to the stone. These tools include clamps and vices, suction cups, and other types of handling equipment.

Clamps and Vices

The slab lifting clamp is for vertical lifting. It provides security whilst allowing mobility through a swivel shackle. It has a grip range of 15 to 50mm and 20 to 60mm, both capable of lifting a max load of 2200kg.

Suction Cups

A single suction lifter can carry various weights. The 130kg variant, for example, has a unique design. It is adjustable, allowing an increase in its adhesion. And as hand tools, suction lifters require careful use. The surface of the stone or object you intend to lift must be clean and dry of oil or grease. Also, you are not supposed to use it with cranes or other lifting devices.

Handling Equipment

Among the slew of handling equipment, the One Stop A-Frame 7247 has a design for transportation and storage. You can place slabs of concrete on special rubber profiles and secure it with four ratchet securing bars. Its centre section can store smaller tools and backsplashes. Its other features include a couple of eyelets for lifting the frame with an overhead crane. In addition, it has enough space on every base side for forklift transport and its quick release mounting pins allow mobility.

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These are just a few of the many material handling devices. Before acting on a task, ensure you know you have the apt tool for moving it.