Turn Up the Heat: Understanding Different Furnace Types


FurnaceA high quality furnace saves you money on utilities and ensures the comfort and safety of your family.

Furnaces are more complicated now than they were ten years ago. If you ask furnace installers, they will most likely offer a choice between conventional and condensing furnace types.

What are the basic categories to choose from?

Before investing in an appliance for home use, learn more about furnaces and their classification based on how the burner and blower components operate.

For instance, most households use a single-speed furnace. Also known as a single stage furnace, this type of heating unit starts automatically when the ambient temperature in the house is low. This is the most affordable type of furnace. As it uses up high levels of energy to pump heat into the house, you have to be ready to pay high utility bills during the cold months.

A homeowner who is concerned with energy costs and operational efficiency usually goes for an appliance with a variable speed or a two-stage appliance. Furnace installers in Salt Lake City recommend a two-stage furnace if you are looking for a system with longer cycles. They also produce less noise than single stage units. If you need a furnace that runs for even longer cycles at low speed, a variable-speed blower unit is the better choice.

What comes highly recommended?

Because of technological advancements in gas furnace technology, modulating furnace is now available. With this type of heating system, you don’t have to endure extremes of heat or cold. The system causes little variation from the target temperature. While the unit may cost more than usual heating systems, you can benefit from higher energy efficiency.

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Learn about how different types of furnaces operate, so you will know what’s best for your home. Be a smart buyer to achieve optimum comfort for your interiors.