Types of Ices Depending on Your Needs

Types of Ice in Canning Vale

Types of Ice in Canning ValeWhen you own a food establishment that primarily serves beverages, you should know that there actually are different types of ice used on different drinks and occasions. Here are a few types that ice machines can make you.

Shaved Ice

Also called “flaked ice,” this type is perfect for when you immediately need to make things (food) cooled. Typically, you see these in the market in the meat, seafood, fruits and vegetable section or even salad bars. You can also have these in food with ice for consumption because people can chew it with ease, like for example, in snow cones.

Cubed Ice

Ice cubes are probably the most common type of ice, and may either be full cubes or half cubes. Full cubes are like a perfectly cut dice, and that is why they are also known as full dice. Ice retailers, dispensers, and displays, including banquets, usually use this kind of ice.

On the other hand, half cubed ice is those served in drinks because it is smaller than the full cube ice. While both full and half cubes do not melt easily, what makes half cubes ideal in beverages is their smaller size than full cubes which fits them in glasses.


Similar to shaved ice, you may also find nuggets in salad bars and cocktails because they are basically shaved ice compressed to the shape of a nugget. They may also be used in therapeutic purposes because they also easily be chewed that is why they are used in health care clinics and facilities.

Depending on the ice machine you have or buy, these are only the basics and usual types of ice they produce. However, some brands’ like Manitowoc, provide ice machines that produce more types of ice like gourmet ice shaped like a top hat, which are perfect for formal parties.

Whatever type of ice you need, you can get with the proper ice machine.