Types of Residential Garage Door Tracks

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When shopping for a garage door, it is essential to know the type of a track that you will require for ease of installation.

Making a mistake with garage door tracks might require you to get different springs, different cables, and in worse cases, an entirely different configuration. That said, when choosing garage door tracks for your garage doors from All Star Garage Doors Inc., here are major types that you should consider.

Standard Radius

This is the most popular type and fits perfectly for most garage door installations. The most popular standard radius track is the 15” kind, which comes with an equal 15” headroom to create space for the track curve, and other track equipment. If you do not have plenty of headroom, you may opt for the 12” radius track. However, this track causes more strain on the door motor since it must work extra hard to move the door parts through the curved part of the track.

Low Headroom

If your headroom space is limited – under 12” – or you have plenty of headroom space, this is the best track option for you. There are two track-mounting options for low headroom tracks. These are namely rear mounting and front mounting. The former version will require a torsion spring, 6” inches of the side room and 5” of headroom. The latter version will require 91/2“ headroom, and 6” side room when using torsion spring, and 41/2” headroom when using extension spring.

High lift Tracks

This is best suited for applications that require extra clearance to avoid obstacles. It is characterized by a short horizontal track and a longer vertical track to facilitate movement of the door off the opening. For maximum track efficiency, maintain a 41/2” opening on both sides of the opening.

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Getting the wrong tracks or the right tracks but with the wrong measurements can stall an otherwise important project to secure your garage. It is thus essential that all your garage door installations, repairs, and replacements are done by a professional. This way, you are likely to have a garage door that lasts in good condition.