Understanding The Top Health Benefits of Air Conditioning

Man checking the HVACIn Utah, temperatures have now hit 30 degrees or higher and the States of Florida, Texas, and Louisiana remain at the top end of the top ten hottest states every year. Despite this, only 87% of households across America have an air conditioning unit. Even in homes that have an AC unit, not all are in good working order. Elderly people in particular may not have access to an AC unit and they are more at risk of having heat-related problems.

Faulty HVAC units do not keep residents cool and they are a health and safety hazard. Installing an HVAC unit or repairing and maintaining an old one could save lives. Allhoursplumbingslc.com outlines the major health benefits of having an HVAC unit at home.

HVAC Saves Lives

Between 1979 and 2003, over 8,000 people died in America due to the effects of heat. In the famous and devastating heat wave of Chicago that killed 80 people in 1999, doctors realized that the single biggest protective factor against heat-related death was having a working air conditioning unit.

Air Conditioning Protects Mothers and Babies

Excessive heat and lack of access to air conditioning increases the number of babies born prematurely, as well as fetal distress during labor and the likelihood of meconium aspiration. Mothers also have a heightened risk of eclampsia, high blood pressure, and bleeding during pregnancy. Properly controlled climates can help reduce or avoid these.

Air Conditioning Improves Cognitive Function

Studies of office workers with and without AC have shown that workers who have AC work faster and have greater productivity. They also have fewer days off work due to sickness.

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Air Conditioning Improves Indoor Air Quality

HVAC systems not only cool, but also filter out harmful particles from the air, such as traffic fumes. Schools near busy motorways were able to reduce black carbon particles in the air by up to 66% by installing a HVAC filtration system at their classrooms. Improved air quality means reduced risk of respiratory disease, such as asthma and bronchitis.

You can’t underestimate the power of cool air in hot environments. As such, you need to install an AC or keep an existing one in good working condition to enjoy a comfortable temperature all year round, especially during summer.