Want Lower Heating Costs Without Sacrificing Comfort?

Radiant Heat in Salt Lake City

Radiant Heat in Salt Lake CityEveryone wants to stay comfortable and warm throughout the chilly days of Salt Lake City winters, but in many cases, this comes with a hefty price. Running heaters for long periods of time, on a daily basis, can quickly push utility bills to really high levels.

Fortunately, there is a way to lower your heating expenses with sacrificing your comfort and the livability of your home. This is through the installation of radiant heating.


Compared with most traditional heating systems, radiant heating units have higher energy efficiency rating.

With a forced-air system, a lot of heat is lost even before it reaches its destination: you. So in order for you to achieve optimal thermal comfort, you would have to increase your thermostat setting. This leads to your space heater eating up more energy, causing a spike in your utility bills.

Radiant heaters, on the other hand, deliver conditioned air exactly where you need it to be: at floor level. This creates fewer opportunities for heat loss and waste, giving you better control over your heating expenses.


Sometimes, the cold can be quite severe that you have to blast your heater just to make things more comfortable in your home. Although really low temperatures in Salt Lake City do not happen a lot, just running your heating for extended periods of time can already cause a considerable increase in your monthly electricity bill.

With Salt Lake City’s radiant heating devices in place, you get warmed up almost instantly, since the heat is produced at ground level and not way above your head.

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Minimal energy consumption goes hand in hand with environmental-friendliness. Because radiant heating consumes less energy than conventional systems, particularly the forced-air ones, it generates less carbon emissions. The fact that it needs a lower amount of electricity already makes it eco-friendlier than other space heaters.

To ensure you equip your home with the right unit, work only with a radiant heating specialist in Salt Lake City.