What is the Effect of Indoor Air Quality on Your Kid’s Performance in School?

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Manufacturing, transportation, and reliance on fossil fuels like gas and coal compromise the quality of the air, causing pollution. Air pollution has several effects, not only on the environment but also on people. This type of pollution doesn’t just occur outdoors but indoors, too.

Effects of Poor Indoor Air Quality to Children

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found out that the exposure of people to indoor air pollutants is much higher than outdoor levels; the air quality indoors, it turns out, is worse than outdoor air, prompting the agency to name indoor air as one of the environmental risks to people’s health.

Good indoor air quality (IAQ) is an essential element for a healthy indoor environment, which can help schools achieve their goals in educating children. Poor IAQ can trigger asthma and other respiratory illnesses among children.

The EPA states that about one in 13 children has asthma, which is the main cause of school absenteeism. Allergens like dust mites, pests, and molds are common in schools. Excessive exposure to allergens aggravates asthma symptoms.

Preventive Measures

Schools can contact HVAC maintenance experts to ensure safe indoor air quality. Routine maintenance not only helps keep a healthy indoor environment, but Dilling Heating and Cooling adds that it also saves up to 20 percent in on heating and cooling costs.

HVAC technicians typically clear units of debris, from leaves to grass; they also replace filters according to the manufacturer’s recommendation, change refrigerant lines, ensure the outdoor unit is on level ground, and run other essential checks.

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Aside from maintenance, you can pay attention to temperature and humidity because they are among the many factors that contribute to indoor contaminant levels.

Indoor air quality will affect the health, comfort, and performance of your kids, at school and home. It’s important to maintain a healthy indoor environment to keep your loved ones safe.