What to Do With That Annoying, Empty Backyard

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Bullfrog Spas in UtahYou fell in love with the house as soon as the realtor opened the front door, and before you could inspect the rest of the property you were already making an offer. Now that you’ve moved in, you realized you were right to buy it; it’s got all the room you need, it doesn’t cost much to design and the neighborhood is great. But what to do with that backyard?

A backyard that’s an eyesore, inhabited by bugs and wild grass, will keep nagging at you until you do something about it. It’s a part of your property, so might as well do something about it. Here are a few ideas you may consider:

Make it your garden

Hire a landscaper or do the design yourself on a budget. Grow the plants you want, whether decorative or edible. The idea is to make use of the area, but if you grow produce there, there’s no reason you can’t make some money off it.

Build a pool or a spa

All that space should at least give you a place to have fun or entertain guests. If a pool is too much expense and work for you, how about checking out those trendy bullfrog spas in Utah by Dolphin-Pools.com? A spa like that is a perfect place for relaxation or therapy, relaxing alone with a drink, or sharing a moment with a friend.

Build a deck

A deck is your answer if the piece of land is all sand and stone. The raised platform will solve the problem, and you’ve got a place for your morning coffee.

Light it up

If the area isn’t all that bad, just get rid of the weeds and have it sprayed for bugs, then hang some string lights around. Hang a hammock around two trees, and add to the décor as you see fit. A beach umbrella is a nice touch.

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A vacant piece of land in your property should not stay unused. Apart from being an eyesore, it invites pests like mosquitoes and rats, especially if you use it to “keep” things you don’t use anymore. Put in some work and transform it into an area you’d love to be in whenever you’re home.