What to Inspect in a Vacation Rental Apartment

Vacation Rental Apartment in BrisbaneMost people feel unprepared, especially when searching for their first apartment. Being unfamiliar with the brokers and the number of apartments are some of the aspects that cause worrying. But, you have to take sufficient time and be careful when choosing an apartment.

The quality of comfort and pleasure you expect to get from that apartment will greatly depend on how well you inspect it. If you are going out for a vacation with your family in Brisbane, accommodation shouldn’t worry you.

Here are some things you should look out for:


Pest inspection is very important, although it’s a bit unsettling. Checking for rodent droppings before you move into the apartment is beneficial to your health. Look around the areas where pests hide or live. Pests usually hide in the cabinets, behind the stove, around utility wires as well as next to the plumbing and tub. Inspect eggs are mainly found in the cracks and gaps of the ceilings and walls. If you find mice, ants, roaches and other pests, first carry out some pest control.


Most modern apartments have a stylish kitchen. Depending on the apartment class, the kitchen ovens and stoves are either electric or gas. Get to the kitchen and find out if all the burners get hot after turning them on and if the switches are working. Check if the stove ignites properly and if the wiring around the oven is frayed. If you detect any natural gas odor in the kitchen, it’s important to get a carbon monoxide detector. The refrigerator should be clean, cold, mold free and with no food inside.

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One should flick each of the available light switches in that apartment to find out if they are working. Loose hanging wires and damaged switches in any accommodation room indicate poor maintenance. Check if you can find a faceplate in each switch and if the bulbs are burned out. Use an electricity tester to ensure all the outlets are working. If you notice the lights are throwing sparks and flickering, call in a competent electrician to inspect them and diagnose the problem.

It hurts paying huge amount of money for an apartment, only to find there are faulty systems and appliances to fix.