When it Comes to Apartments, Serviced is the New Standard

Serviced ApartmentsHotel rooms now face a fierce adversary for the title of definitive ‘Home Away From Home’.

Instead of turning to the lavish, clinically choreographed atmosphere of hotels, travellers are choosing establishments that replicate the ambience of their residences back home. Serviced apartments are now becoming the mainstream approach to visitor lodging; with way, way more leg room.

Living Simple

Much like hotels, serviced apartments are subject to the varied tastes of their proprietors—lending their design values to visitors temporarily and at a cost. Resort Brokers Australia describes the crucial difference being, hotels are expected to function beyond the comforts of one’s homes, while serviced apartments are more down-to-earth. They sport modest accommodations clients would never expect anything more from.

‘It’s easy to understand why, as our leisure and business travellers really enjoy the variety, range, flexibility and value for money that serviced apartments can offer,’ says Jason Grist, an accommodation area manager. He says that since there are fewer rules to follow among serviced apartment owners, variety of themes and layouts becomes their affordable, almost natural aspect.

Living Large

Tourists are now flocking to serviced apartments as their lodging destinations, using them as functional travel hubs. Owners tout their properties’ focus on necessary function above all else, never raising their client’s expectations to a height that would sacrifice their room’s size or affordability.

James Foice, CEO of the United Kingdoms’ Association of Serviced Apartments expresses his optimism for the industry’s future. ‘2016 will be a game-changing year for our sector with the Savills Extended Stay report released last month confirming the serviced apartment sector is set to be the UK’s fastest growing hospitality segment in the next 2 years’, he says.

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Serviced apartments are poised to be more than just a trend. If the projections are true and the sector grows into a major player in the hospitality business, hotels may no longer be the only option for tourist residence anymore.