Why Front Doors are Burglars’ Favorite Entry Point

Why Burglars target front doors

Why Burglars target front doorsPerhaps it’s the romanticized way of burglars’ portrayal in movies or the tendency to overestimate bad activities, but people always mistakenly assume that criminals would be so sneaky and cunning in how they break into houses. But the truth is it’s not that complicated: burglars simply enter through the front door. Here are some reasons front doors are their favorite entry point:

It’s usually forgotten to be locked

When you’re loading up the kids in the car or hurrying up to the office, it’s easy to forget to lock the front door. Or worse, you leave the keys dangling on the lock once you arrive home. This is the reason most burglaries happen without forced entry. Burglars simply walk into your home without hesitation.
It sounds so unnecessary and trivial, but remember always to lock your door. Invest in deadbolts and make sure they’re installed properly. Or, you can also have decorative security doors. With this, you can ensure safety, at the same time, not compromise the aesthetics of your home.

It’s a “safer” entry point

While front doors are the most obvious elements of the exterior of a home, it can also be obscured from plain view, given the tall trees, big hedges, and untrimmed plants in the yard. So, essentially, that gives burglars some concealment as they break in.
The obvious solution here is to trim or get rid of things that cause visual distraction. If you don’t want to spruce up your yard for aesthetic purposes, do it at least for your family’s security.

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It’s what burglars have been inspecting for days

Burglars don’t attack haphazardly. They would often scout the neighborhood for days to find a good target. Scouting not only means driving around the place. It also involves walking up to the actual house, knocking on the door, and pretending to be a lost mailman or plumber. They use that time to take a quick peek at what’s inside your home and inspect your front door. What turns them off is a house that has a CCTV, security doors, and heavier duty locks.

The front door is the most vulnerable entry point in your home. Improve your security now—better to be safe than sorry.