Working with What You Have: Landscape Solutions for Problem Areas

Landscapers in Essex

Landscapers in EssexA rocky spot, an eroding soil, a slope, a heavily shaded place — almost every landscape has at least one of these problem areas.

These things can seem almost impossible to fix. It is incredibly frustrating, yes, but this article will relieve homeowners’ frustration by providing some solutions to landscape problem areas.

Rocky Land

A rocky area may seem like a real problem, but there is a brilliant solution for it: a rock garden design. Some landscape gardeners in Essex advise using the rockiness of the terrain to make the landscape even more beautiful. For instance, planting the crevices of the rock with excellent plants like dianthus, which love the reflected heat from the rocks. Alyssum is a great rock garden plant as well.

Hilly Land and Soil Erosion

A ‘rockless’ incline is also a problem area in gardens. Importing a rock and creating a rock garden is the best way to fix it. The rocks will hold back the soil and cut down on erosion while serving an aesthetic purpose.

Overly Shaded Areas and Dead Grass

It is exciting to grow trees, as it provides a yard with beauty and personality and a place to cool off from the scorching heat of the sun. The problem is that grass and other types of plants depend on the sun, and too much shade often leads to dead patches in what was once a perfect lawn.

The best way to fix the problem is to forget about the grass in the shady areas, and instead fill the patches with shade-loving plants.

Too Many Mushrooms

Mushrooms may be beneficial, as they break down nutrients and recycle them back into the soil, but they easily reproduce and are impossible to remove.

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One solution is to simply pick the mushrooms and rid the yard of grass clippings, old stumps and other decaying organic matter to stop mushrooms from dominating the landscape.

Landscaping is a test of patience. No landscape is free of challenges as well. Fortunately, there will always be some kind of workaround as far as landscaping is concerned.